Lawyer in Sydney


Lawyer in Sydney

Being a lawyer in Sydney, it is essential to complete the necessities of the Legal Profession Admission Board or LPAB by taking the LPAB Examinations or get a law degree from an accredited school in Sydney.  LPAB is the admitting authority in the New South Wales. It is also essential to complete an accredited program of practical legal training in order to be qualified for admission to practice.

A degree from an accredited school and Diploma in Law which you could get when you pass the LPAB examinations are the qualifications to be admitted as a lawyer.  Becoming a lawyer means long years of full-study, but if you can’t afford to undertake a full-time course – Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB) study is the best solution. The course can just be completed in three years and classes are held at night and during weekends to cater to working people. LPAB can help you become a practising and qualified lawyer relatively cheaply and quickly.

Lawyers are hired by people to fix their problems and both criminals and people and companies involved in legal disputes need lawyers. All law practitioners that include solicitors, barristers, senior counsel and senior partners have completed all the requirements to become lawyers.

Crimes are not just criminal activities that happen at homes or in the streets of New South Wales. There are two types of crimes, blue collar and white collar crimes. Blue collar crimes are criminal activities that occur at homes and in the streets like beatings, burglary, murder and are usually violent crimes.  While white collar crimes are criminal activities that happen in the corporate environment like accounting and expense fraud, it is not as violent as the blue collar crimes.

White collar crime is more rampant than many people realise and due to the discrepancies in legislation the result for convicted white collar criminals can be much less damaging than for those who are imprisoned of other types of criminal fraud such as identity or welfare fraud. And just like with other countries, these are the crimes that lawyers in Sydney are dealing with. So legal problems that involve white collar fraud crimes can be difficult and involve important bulks of paper based evidence. In case you have been charged with this type of crime, it is significant to speak to a good corporate lawyer, with expertise in defending fraud crimes.

One aspect of being a lawyer is confidentiality, files are confidential, and discussion of cases to family and friends are prohibited.  When handling a case, it should be kept within the lawyer’s own mind, and thus he/she cannot get the mental release of merely sharing their day. It is also a badge of honor that lawyers put in a 60-80 working hours a week. The more exhausted they are, the better their cases are. Their lifestyles are obviously not healthy at all, but they are determined to help people in legal matters.

Types of Lawyers in Sydney

Below are different types of lawyers:

  • Bankruptcy Lawyer – For bankruptcy and debt.
  • Business / Corporate Law Attorney – For collections, contracts,incorporation, litigation and patents.
  • Civil Rights Attorney – For constitutional law, discrimination, civil liberties, voting rights and human rights.
  • Criminal Defence Attorney – For crime and traffic ticket.
  • DUI Attorney – For serious DUI, commercial DUI regulations, and summary offence (custody of a knife, drink driving offences, malicious damage of property, marijuana possession and offensive behaviour).
  • Employment Lawyer – Employees’ Rights – For employee benefits(leaves of absence and retirement plans), discrimination against employees, privacy rights, sexual harassment, termination of employment , wage and overtime standards, workers’ compensation, workplace safety.
  • Environmental Lawyer – For living wills and trusts.
  • Estate Law Attorney – Estate planning.
  • Family & Divorce Lawyer – For adoption, child custody, divorce and legal separation.
  • Government Lawyers – eminent domain, government employee cases including harassment cases and wrongful death.
  • Immigration Lawyer – For citizenship and employment business citizenship.
  • Military Lawyer – For military law basics and veteran’s benefits.
  • Personal Injury Lawyer – For amputation, back, head, knee, shoulder injury, burn injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic pain, third party Injury, hearing loss, occupational disease, repetitive stress injury, toxic injury, respiratory illness, car accidents on the job, construction site accident, depression, anxiety, mental health and denied workers’ Complain claim.
  • Private Practice Lawyer – For civil litigation suit, commercial case, divorce and child custody and malpractice suits.
  • Property / Real Estate Law Attorney – For foreclosure, landlord-tenant and neighbors
  • Public Interest Lawyer – For disability rights, environmental justice, health justice and pro bono.
  •  Trial Lawyer – Civil and criminals cases.

If you have been charged with an offence, your next step is looking and hiring an experienced lawyer. When it comes to selecting a law firm, Sydney has plenty of defence law firms and selecting the best lawyer to defend you is an overwhelming task. Finding a law firm that is dedicated in preparing you and your case with the right amount of time, maintaining a good communication with their client and getting the best result for their client  is important. There are key things that you should know and look for when picking the right criminal law firm.shutterstock_95621893

  • Pick up a phone or look through the internet if you still have time, you can do research and look for the services that different firms offer in your local area.
  • It is important to make sure that you select the firm that offers a low rate that fits your budget limit, but can defend your case.
  • Make sure that you select the firm that focused on achieving client satisfaction than maximizing their profits.
  • Beware of lawyers that take more clients than they can manage and overcharge their clients to meet their monthly billing charges.
  • Check the firm’s clients and their case results to know how they handled cases similar to yours.
  • Select a specialised lawyer for they have expertise handling your case. An experienced criminal lawyer can fight to have your case dropped before it reaches trial to save money, time and avoid stress. They work together to get the best results to get your charges withdrawn before your case gets to trial.

If you are looking for a specialist appeal lawyer, your original lawyer that handles your original hearing before trial may not the necessarily be the best lawyer to represent in your appeal. Appeals lawyers must have an extensive background and knowledge of the laws and procedures that relate to appealing criminal cases. Specialist appeals lawyers must also be knowledgeable how to prepare appeals for different types of cases and must be aware of the appeal judges who will be dealing your case. Having a well versed lawyer in different process and procedures ensures that you get the best possible result for their clients. So if you have been charged with a criminal case, the best defence is finding the best criminal law firms that have several years of experience in the field in Sydney to ensure that they will help you in the most possible ways and to get the best results without over charging you for the services that they have rendered. If you have been charged, facing the problem is very stressful, but if you have the best lawyer can alleviate your stress and give you more confidence that your case is being handled by experienced and professional lawyers who are more knowledgeable of your case and know what they are doing.

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